Collectively we are "Something Different"

Individually we are:

Pat Smith - Native American flute.  In addition to teaching Native American Flute classes and participating in two flute circles, she plays clarinet and saxophone in the Big Ballroom band, the Free Notes (an 18 piece big band), and the Naperville Municipal Band.  She grew up in a musical home so playing in band and singing with the Purduettes during her school years was natural.  In 2012, she completed the Certificate of Musicianship from Clint Goss' Flute Haven Native American Flute School.  Her soul sings with the improvisation of the wooden flute.

John Rissman – guitar, bouzouki, ukelele, digeridoo, assorted percussion.  John has dedicated his life to playing guitar and relatives thereof.  He started in high school playing in rock bands.  He continued to play in local bands and expanded his range to include Celtic music and bluegrass.  Along with his wife Karen, they performed as Jykes for many years playing at local clubs and fundraisers.  John's compositions provide an elegant structure for the flute improvisations.

Karen Tlusty-Rissman –Native American flute. Karen has been enthralled with music from an early age. She started playing concert flute in the school band.  That evolved to tin whistle and eventually she learned bass and sang with Jykes.  She began on Native American flute in 1997 and in the last 5 years it has become her primary musical instrument.  Karen also plays gong and Tibetan bowls for sonic meditations.  Her songs are drawn from her devotion to Mother Earth and are dedicated to creating more Love and Light in the Universe.